List of publications


Flow Annealed Kalman Inversion for Gradient-Free Inference in Bayesian Inverse Problems

RDP Grumitt, M Karamanis, U Seljak, arXiv:2309.11490, (2023)

Bayesian Computation in Astronomy: Novel methods for parallel and gradient-free inference

M Karamanis, arXiv:2303.16134, (2023)

JAX-COSMO: An End-to-End Differentiable and GPU Accelerated Cosmology Library

JE Campagne, F Lanusse, J Zuntz, A Boucaud, S Casas, M Karamanis, D Kirkby, D Lanzieri, Y Li, A Peel, The Open Journal of Astrophysics 6, (2023)


Overview of the instrumentation for the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

B Abareshi, et al. (+ M Karamanis), The Astronomical Journal 164 (5), 207, (2022)

Accelerating astronomical and cosmological inference with preconditioned Monte Carlo

M Karamanis, F Beutler, JA Peacock, D Nabergoj, U Seljak, MNRAS 516 (2), 1644-1653, (2022)

pocoMC: A Python package for accelerated Bayesian inference in astronomy and cosmology

M Karamanis, D Nabergoj, F Beutler, JA Peacock, U Seljak, JOSS 7 (79), 4634, (2022)

matryoshka: halo model emulator for the galaxy power spectrum

J Donald-McCann, F Beutler, K Koyama, M Karamanis, MNRAS 511 (3), 3768-3784, (2022)


hankl: A lightweight Python implementation of the FFTLog algorithm for Cosmology

M Karamanis, F Beutler, arXiv:2106.06331, (2021)

zeus: A Python implementation of Ensemble Slice Sampling for efficient Bayesian parameter inference

M Karamanis, F Beutler, JA Peacock, MNRAS  508(3), 3589-3603, (2021)

Ensemble slice sampling: Parallel, black-box and gradient-free inference for correlated & multimodal distributions

M Karamanis, F Beutler, Stat Comput 31, 61 (2021)