Minas Karamanis

Minas Karamanis

Cosmology PhD Student

University of Edinburgh


I’m a PhD student at the Institute for Astronomy (IfA) at the University of Edinburgh studying the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe. My current project involves using data from galaxy surveys to investigate the exact nature of the primordial density perturbations that were generated by Ιnflation at the birth of our Cosmos. Upcoming galaxy surveys, like DESI, will provide measurements on the largest scales which can test whether the initial conditions in the Universe follow from the simplest inflationary models, or alternatively show signs of novel effects at the enormous energy scales of the first second of the history of the Universe.

Prior to that I was a postgraduate student in Theoretical Physics at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at the University of Cambridge, where I read the Part III of the Mathematical Tripos. As an undergraduate student I studied Physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece.


  • Cosmology
  • Large-Scale Structure
  • Bayesian Inference
  • Machine Learning in Astronomy


  • PhD in Astrophysics, 2022

    University of Edinburgh

  • MASt in Applied Mathematics, 2018

    University of Cambridge

  • BSc in Physics, 2017

    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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  • Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh EH9 3HJ, UK
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